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Commercial construction company with over 27 years of experience.

  • Founded in: 1996
  • Main activity: residential and non-residential constructions.
  • Sectors of activity:
  • civil and industrial construction works
  • Road infrastructure
  • Environmental works (rehabilitation and construction of irrigation networks, water and sewage networks)
  • Smart city solutions
  • Cyber security solutions


offices in the country

We have locations and offices in Bucharest, Craiova and Timisoara


Number 5

The company is on the 5th place in Dolj in terms of turnover


Years of activity

The company was founded in 1996, having over 27 years of activity.


Market share

The company has a market share of 2.91% in Dolj and 0.03% in the country.


The values that take us forward.​


Integrity is a set of moral and ethical principles that govern a company's behavior and decisions. It is an essential value for any company, especially in the construction industry, where integrity can have a direct impact on the quality of work and relationships with customers and business partners. A company with integrity can earn the trust of customers and the public, as well as the respect and loyalty of its employees.

Respect to others

Respect for customers is the attitude of a company to treat its customers with consideration and courtesy and to understand and satisfy their needs. It is an important value for any company, because customers are the source of income and are the basis of the business. A company that respects its customers can build lasting relationships with them.

Respect to employees

Respect for employees refers to the appreciation and consideration a company shows for the work and contribution of its employees. This value involves providing fair working conditions, recognizing and rewarding employee performance, and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

Quality excellence

Quality excellence refers to a company's commitment to deliver high quality work that meets or exceeds customer expectations. This value implies the use of modern technologies and methodologies, the recruitment of qualified and trained personnel, and the continuous monitoring of work processes to identify and address problems.

our company

A good choice for the future.

To choose a construction company, you can consider the following aspects:

  1. Reputation: Check the company’s reviews and references, as well as their track record in the industry.

  2. Experience: Make sure the company has experience in projects similar to the one you are planning.

  3. Certifications and licenses: Check that the company has all the necessary certifications and licenses to carry out construction activities legally.

  4. Staff: Check that the company’s employees are qualified and well trained.

  5. Bid and costs: Compare bids and costs from different companies and make sure you have a clear understanding of project costs and timelines.

Project preparations
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Company Establishment

ELDICLAU SRL is a Romanian company with full private capital that has been active on the construction market in Romania since 1996

Business Conception

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Project Development

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Project Release

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